Pruning (Trimming)

Proper, regular pruning promotes strong, healthy and aesthetic tree growth.  Our professionals can prune your trees to suite your needs and  help maintain tree health.  We also have a hazard/nuisance/branch removal specialist.

Tree Removal

It’s sad but true, sometimes trees must be removed. We offer safe, affordable, and impeccable tree removal. We also offer shrub removal.

Stump Grinding/Shredding

After tree removal, the stump remains. Our stump grinders can remove the stump well below ground level. Now you can use this space for sod, gardens, other treea, or simply open space.

Shrub Pruning

Our experienced shrub specialists will use a variety of hand tools to help your shrubs look beautiful and natural. Our Science-based approach means your shrub will need to be pruned less often and live longer.

Integrated Pest Management

We use a combination of tools to minimize the damage that pests can cause to your trees and shrubs. We do not spray toxic pesticides onto your trees, but instead use an advanced pesticide injection system, combined with fertilizers and pruning treatments.

Root Zone Fertilizing

The best way to fertilize a tree is to inject the fertilizers directly into the soil. This technique thoroughly waters and aerates your tree, while delivering vital nutrients, thus resulting in a more vibrant tree.


Our tree specialists will help you select a beautiful tree that can be enjoyed by all. Select from our nursery, or elsewhere. We help select the proper species and age for your trees location.

Cabling and Bracing

Larger multi -stemmed trees may need support to prevent breakage in times of high winds or other stress.


Crown Reduction, Crown Raising, Crown Restoration


Arbortech offers full lawn and landscaping services. Read more.

Other Services

At Arbortech, we do it the way you want it done. You can combine any of our services to meet your needs.

For example: You want to fell the tree yourself, but want us to perform the clean-up and grind the stump or you want us to fell a tree for you and you take care of the clean-up.  We can do any combination of our services and most anything you can conceive of .

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