Landscaping Services

Arbortech offers professional and affordable Lawn Care Services.

Lawn Cutting

We offer premium lawn care at low prices – no lawn is too big or small. Our crews will be there on time to serve you.  Having us maintain your lawn may be cheaper than you think.

Sod Installation

We are Thunder Bay’s Sod Installation Specialists. We remove existing turf, then carefully level and prepare your yard by fertilizing and pressing the ground, then we move in and roll out the sod. The result is a fresh green lawn that even a golf course would envy. We also provide seeding services.

Weed and Pest Control

Our natural Weed Control Applications will kill weeds and reduce stress to your lawn.


Our aerating service lets air get to crowded roots, reviving your lawn.

Top Soil Delivery

Our smaller dump truck can often get the soil closer to where you need it. We have many types of soil available, including black screened as well as red and black mix.

Landscaping, and Gardening

Our knowledgeable Landscaping and Gardening Pros are here to make your projects happen.


We deliver and install a wide selection of mulches, specializing in natural mulch.

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