About Arbortech Tree Care

Our friendly staff is comprised of an efficient and well-balanced combination of trained professionals. We work like a  fine-tuned machine and have an impressive combined experience of over 70 years.

You will find Arbortech Tree Care in the Thunder Bay Yellow Pages along with other “Tree Services,” but that is where the similarity between us and the competition ends. Our ever present goal is not to meet, but to exceed the highest standards for quality work and excellent prices. We couple all of this with a safe and friendly work environment.

Our Staff Includes:

  • Arborists (International Society of Arboriculture Certified) and MTCU trained
  • Utility Arborists
  • Forest technicians
  • Consulting Arborists
  • Registered Professional Foresters
  • Nurserymen
  • Orchardists
ISA Certified Member